Houston Basketball Courts will construct the ultimate basketball court for your backyard or facility. Everyone in the neighborhood, kids and adults, will be standing in line to play on your HBC game court.
Our court surface reduces both lateral and vertical stresses for the purpose of providing a fatigue reducing and impact absorbing surface. Pure and simple, our Flex Court surface protects your knees and ankles from injury in a way that painted concrete can’t. Our elevated surface contains UV protection to maintain its color and durability while staying much cooler than asphalt or concrete in the most extreme temperatures. Our courts are virtually maintenance free with a surface designed to maximize your playing time by channeling rain, dust and debris beneath the surface, to reduce maintenance.

With even a small amount of space, we can design and build a court to your specifications that will fit into your yard. We tailor each court to match your desired color schemes, personality and style of play while at the same time creating an enjoyable atmosphere that your family and friends will enjoy for years to come.

      One key feature to our basketball courts is our hoop systems. Our goals range in height adjustment from 5’ (lowest in the industry) to 10’. Whether you are looking for Tempered Glass or Acrylic, we have the right products to satisfy your needs!

If you are looking for the best, look no further! Our tempered glass basketball system is designed for anybody that won’t settle for second best. Simply put, the pros play on tempered glass. The tempered glass backboard on our goals have several unique benefits. It weighs four times more than any plastic acrylic backboard that many of our competitors offer. This increased weight significantly adds to the mass of the entire system giving it solid gym-like play. The glass, which is similar to your car windshield, will stay crystal clear and never dull over time. If you are looking for an economical solution, the clear acrylic boards offer an outstanding professional look at a more affordable price.

Houston Basketball Courts offers full installation services and we can provide all of the accessories to enhance your backyard court: hoops, goal systems, fencing, netting and lighting. Have a favorite sports team? We can put your favorite sports team’s logo or your own personal logo on your court. LET'S PLAY!


“We have truly enjoyed our basketball court. The guys at Houston Basketball Courts are true professionals who are eager to work with you to ensure complete customer satisfaction. This investment has brought many hours of fun for our three boys, and it is something they will never outgrow.”

Inga & Stephen Smith
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